I established IT Consulting Paul Reiser in 1990.

Paul Reiser Profil

{slider 1990 – 2000 – Münster in Westfalen}

Place of business was Münster in Westfalen until 2000, the focus of activities was on services for pre-press industry. As „missing link“ between the – thanks to Windows – growing number of applications for designers, media creators, and the traditional printing business, focus was on consultancy for the workplace environment and the resulting support services.

Amongst others, mainly advertising agencies, type setting studios, and print shops were our customers. But also a company for swimming- and sportswear who transitioned production of their semi-annual catalogue from a service provider to in-house production.

{slider 2000 – today – Bad Dürkheim an der Weinstraße}

Begin of 2000, we moved from Münster to Bad Dürkheim. My main professional occupancy was working in the IT department of a global company since 1994 and it offered interesting opportunities in the South-West of Germany. The new place of residence and priorities on the challenging topics in the new position resulting in a slowdown to develop the indenpendent – and now sideline business for a while.

Over the years, and establishing ourselves at our new home, the IT Consultancy moved forward again from 2004. The opportunities in the pre-press business was degrading meanwhile – instead of that, many businesses moved towards the Internet. From makers of jewelry to car shops – my clients constantly had questions and support needs. Also private individuals were arriving in the digital world. To be always online and using mobile phones was a regular state of mind for more and more people.


This made me continously discovering new topics & challenges, and to find solutions for the past 20 years. A real godsend – my work and its content are fun and are offering borderless opportunities and challenges for my further development.

I’m looking forward to your questions!